Jobs & Careers

Jobs & Careers

HR Policy

A modern and dynamically developing company - RAMCO CJSC creates all kinds of opportunities for the selection of quality personnel, their proper placement, improving the professional level of employees. Personnel management in our company is carried out on the basis of the following directions.

HR Management

Employment is carried out according to the flow chart of the stages of Human Resources Management. The beginning and end of employment are transparent. Between these, the employee is confronted with job descriptions, company, sick leave, vacation, training, and processes related to State Law. Applicants are selected on the basis of professionalism, business and personal qualities, education, and are recruited after appropriate survey and evaluation.

The mission of the Human Resources Management is as follows:

  • To hire the best employee in the right place at any time within the company;
  • Training of key employees, especially senior management;
  • Ensure that RAMCO is an attractive employer.

The time and money spent on training the staff is a valuable asset for the future. During the implementation of projects, special attention is paid to the training of the staff and the improvement of their knowledge and skills. “Ramco” CJSC attaches great importance to the specialization of managers, engineers and technicians. Administrative, construction and inspection personnel participate in local and foreign trainings and acquire high knowledge, skills and habits.

Career Development Program


• To be a close partner to define and implement the company's strategy;

• Involvement of highly qualified employees in the company to ensure timely and high quality implementation of projects;

• Creating the image of the best employer by creating a healthy, safe and productive work environment;


• Support the company's strategy;

• Increase the loyalty of our employees;

• Development of career and professionalism;

• Evaluate employees fairly and accurately;

• Improving the application of technology;

• To motivate employees.


• Honesty, reliability and humanism;

• Team work;

• Proper and effective communication;

• Implementation of changes and innovations;

• Quality assurance;

• Customer satisfaction.


Ramco CJSC is interested in raising a young generation in the field it serves. One of the steps taken in this direction was the establishment of cooperation with Baku Engineering University and Khazar University.

Meeting with the 4th grade students of the Faculty of Engineering at Baku Engineering University within the framework of the Career.