Providing our employees with safe and healthy working conditions, reducing occupational injuries and occupational diseases is a priority for us.

We try to work preventing harm to people and the environment. 

As RAMCO CJSC, we understand our responsibility and constantly monitor the risk management process.

Our HSE management system defines the principles that form the basis of our business behavior.

We apply practical and safe work methods.

Our sound management system, our competence and trust in our employees are key elements of our success. 

We promote the development of the right approach to safe culture in society. 

We have a team of highly qualified and skilled engineers and technicians to ensure the quality of our work. 

The success of our projects is based on a solid foundation of our management of a unique construction, repair and installation system.


- Protection of health and environment, labor safety and implementation of high quality repair and construction works;

- Timely and quality implementation of work by contacting the customer and other stakeholders using a quality control system and advanced management methods;

- Implement visual programs for training and retraining using the achievements of new technology;

- To strive for RAMCO's zero security threat, zero environmental incident and zero non-productive time by adhering to the principle of zero damage in our operations;

- Prefer to work by combining common factors such as accurate engineering calculations, resource planning and skilled management.

Construction of Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment System in Siyazan rayon  - 5908 safe working hours in 844 days
 Construction of Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment System in Shabran rayon – 4424 safe working hours in 632 days

Construction of the Republican Artificial Insemination Center in Goygol rayon - 5166 safe working hours  in 738 days  

Construction of a new equestrian complex in Agjabadi district for "Aghdam Equestrian Farm" LLC - 6888 safe working hours in 984 days

Rehabilitation of rural roads along the KM95-KM114, Phase II Ruisi-Agara-Agara winding section of the E-60 highway - 3444 safe working hours in 492 days

Overhaul of Salyan Regional Agrarian Science and Innovation Center and construction of ancillary buildings - 4893 safe working hours in 699 days

Construction of grafting complex for the production of phylloxera-resistant grape planting materials - 5096 safe working hours in 728 days

Construction of administrative and auxiliary buildings of Seed processing workshop at Jalilabad Regional Experimental Station of Agricultural Research Institute - 4431 safe working hours in 633 days

Construction and overhaul of the seed processing workshop and ancillary buildings at the Tartar Regional Experimental Station of the Agricultural Research Institute - 4914 safe working hours in 702 days

Construction of Mini Cotton Processing Workshop in Salyan region - 4977 safe working hours in 711 days

Procurement of capital repairs of “Garabagh” and “Kharibulbul” hotels - 805 safe working hours in 115 days

Reconstruction and equipping of 3 (three) guest houses of "Kharibulbul" hotel in Shusha - 966 safe working hours in 138 days